Kim Keever (NYC) Liquid Blend

I think, they tell you that you are broken when you are unable to love yourself, but also when you are able to love too much. 

There is constant talk about accepting yourself and the basic fundamentals of mental health and inviting the notion that if you can see a prettier face in your reflection that you are okay. 

But also too much talk about the unruly manners of considering your being much more worthy of love than previously asked for.

They tell you that you are fixed when you subscribe to their ideals of beauty, intelligence and poise. You are cured of defectiveness once you are able to follow their pattern instead of creating your own. Being able to love you but not too much.

So what does this mean? Being told that you are not mentally stable if you do not love who you are but also sick if you love too much? 

It means that there is a fire inside, a flame engulfed in the depths of your mental health. There is a force dangling your worth in front of your face so you know that it’s there, but simply ignore your power enough to keep you in check. It means that you have the thriving passion, the wits, the talent, the heart and all the wonder in the world but they are simply attempting to contain it.

It means that you are “fixed” when you realize you were never broken.




Ariana Grande sounds like a font on Microsoft Word

i have stared at this post for years wondering what a font on microsoft word sounded like